Holographic Kinetics

Holographic Kinetics (HK) is the most advanced and unique healing modality available today and transcends all other therapies. It is based on ancient Aboriginal Dreamtime healing, the ancient knowledge of the laws of LORE (universal laws that govern creation), and the understanding that all things in nature are alive.

Holographic Kinetics is not in any way likened to other therapies. It is not hypnosis. It looks at the body as a whole, accessing cellular memory passed down through generations and the cause and effect of events. Thoughts and emotions set up in the past and present affect the cycles of the future. These events, thoughts and emotions are trapped in the body, affecting our lives and causing us to be stuck in the repeating cycles of life patterns within their own dimension of time.

How does it work?

Holographic Kinetics works by clearing trauma locked into events, thoughts and emotions. Until trauma is cleared from adverse events in our lives we are continually affected today and in the future.  Whilst the work of other therapies may be important, many reach a point where they cannot continue and therefore fail. HK goes beyond this end point to achieve a successful outcome by accessing and clearing problems at their original cause.

Clients are guided to take their own, non-invasive journey to acknowledge and understand why they struggle with certain issues affecting them in the present. By clearing and changing events and reactions in the past, they no longer have to repeat similar cycles in the future, giving them the freedom to choose a much happier life and eliminate unacceptable patterns and behaviours.

No belief is needed for HK to achieve successful results. In fact, the technique is more effective when beliefs and assumptions are put aside.